(Please visit Dino's on-going blog at: http://dinostraining.blogspot.com/)

(Please visit Dino's on-going blog at: http://dinostraining.blogspot.com/)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 14, 2009

I spent a few days in Lake County during the week, and while I was there I went on a horseback ride with a few friends I was with, including the horse owner.

After the ride, I got the scent of the horse I was riding and had Dino follow the track a couple of days later. I know Dino had not tracked a horse before, so I wanted to give him that experience. This track was also unique. From the barn we went up one road, and then another and then back along the same two roads, so I wanted to give Dino the experience of following the same scent up and back along the same road. He had no problem at all and got all the turns and followed the correct roads.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

San Francisco, Kathy had run Riley on a course about three days prior down Ortega to Sunset, right on Lincoln and then right on 24th back up to her house.

The weather was raining, cold and miserable. I brought Dot along for the experience so she can start to pick up on the words and the track. I scented her several times with the article inside the back, and she was very interested in the smell and was giving it a good wiff each time.

Dino did great on most of the track. He had a problem on a couple of turns, which was surprising since they were simple turns. I wasn't sure what was happening. When I restarted him a couple of times from that spot, he was great. Maybe it was the rain, but we had trained in the rain several times before. It was a very long track, and it was the end of the day. I probably should have ended it sooner than I did. I kind of got lost on 24th. I couldn't see where we were at because my glasses were all wet and the raincoat hood hung low.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday and Monday, April 2009

Castro Valley - Long track I had to run Dino through in two separate occasions because I didn't have time to do entire track at once. Total urban tracking through neighborhoods and busy streets.

First half of track was after five days, and he did great. Got all the turns and switchbacks with no problem.

Second half of track was after one week. Did great. Got all the turns and switchbacks. The only problem he had was eating stuff on the ground, which I corrected him for.

I was very happy, especially the second half. The was the oldest track in our practice, and he did great!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

San Carlos - My sister, Lorrie, and their dog, Rocki, walked a track for me the previous night. I got to San Carlos to pick up my mail and run the track around 10 PM. It was still very warm and breezy.

I told my sister to do some cross tracks and did she ever! This had not only a several cross tracks.

Dino figured out all the cross tracks in the correct direction and did the whole figure eight loops. He also got the track going up a set of concrete stairs after thoroughly checking the driveways on both sides. Plus this was done at night. Little street lighting and little traffic, though in the day time there is mild traffic. This is hillside suburban streets.

I was very happy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I set up a nice figure eight loop to do Dino's first cross track. I set it up inside a parking lot of a small shopping center. The lot was big enough for me to park at one end and then loop across the street to another center and then come back toward the current lot while passing over a couple of busy blvds, also which I had not done before.

Dino totally nailed the track without a flinch on the cross track, which I was surprised. He crossed both blvds dead on. The track was less than 24 hours.

The problem I did have, which I was not totally surprised about is that it was about 70 degrees and in the middle of the day. In the past he has run toward the nearest shade, but this time I was prepared. It was not that hot, and he still has to work even if he a little uncomfortable. He went toward some shade spots in the beginning, but I had to be firm with him. I firmly told him "Wrong" which he hates. I firmly told him "get to work" and "search." He went out of the shade and continued on the track. He did that a couple more times, and each time I did the same thing. He clearly knew where the track was. He followed it to the "T" all the way through. He did attempt to go into the shade a couple more times, and I did the same thing.

I intentionally kept the track short just to work on the cross track and working in heat. He got lots of play and treats at the end. I hope I made it worthwhile to him. I have to do more of that.

Approximately April 13, 2009

I rewalked the Castro Valley hill track again with Scout and then, 48 hours later, I ran the track again with Dino. Again, he was hesitant in the beginning, but this time we ran the track in early evening, so he may have remembered the last track, because heat was not a problem. Eventually he got into the track and he got all the turns and switches. He did have a problem when we got to the top of the track where there was access to an open space area, but I think this was based on seeing two other dogs in there and wanting to go play with them. I did correct him with "wrong" and eventually we got back to the track.

He followed it down the hill and got the switch across the street to the one way road. He got the cross over to Rolando, but he missed the first time of the cross across the street. I think he was distracted by some kids he saw ahead of him, but once I brought him back and I was more firm with him to "get to work" he got the street crossing.

On one corner near the end he missed the left turn and crossed the street, but he then did indicate loss of scent and we check all the corners and eventually got back on track. He followed it all the way down the hill and made the cross across the street. I ended the track just after that cross since the track had been long. We played with the rawhide and he got treats.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Castro Valley - Well, we went to do the track in CV, but we were not able to get out there until after 1 PM, and by then it was pretty warm. Since I had to leave that afternoon to go to Sloughhouse to shoot a dog show that weekend, I had only this time to do the track before leaving.

We started the track and within two blocks Dino was running into the shade and not wanting to work. Since he had never ever done that before, I realized something was definitely wrong. I remembered that most, if not all, of our training has been late afternoon or evening, by the time I can get out there. He had always done really well during those time. I remembered, also, all the time we worked in the rain, and he was great and having a good time. His coat is thick and wavy, but I had not realized how difficult the heat was for him to work in.

I will remember to arrange cases in early AM or late afternoon and evening when it is cooler. Since that was a good track, I will go back and lay it again with Scout soon. I would love to test him on that.